Suzanne Collins (Catching Fire)

As I stated in my previous post, ‘Catching Fire’ has a huge contrast to ‘The Hunger Games’. In the sequel, Katniss must go back into the Arena for the Quarter Quell. Every twenty-five years, the Gamemakers announce that year’s twist on the Games. And for the third Quarter Quell, past victors must go into the Arena and fight each other. Most have become allies, friends, and will have a tough time killing each other. And, as I mentioned before, Ms. Collins could always have done a better job.
‘Catching Fire’ was confusing from start to finish. (spoilers ahead)
At the beginning, it was really hard to figure out what was happening. And President Snow’s visit was pretty strange. And when Katniss remembers the kiss with Gale, I was a little confused. But the most confusing part of the book, I must say, was at the end, when Katniss is lifted from the Arena. The last chapters of the book were so confusing, and I never truly understood what had happened until I read ‘Mockingjay’. This book dragged on too much, like the old movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Ms. Collins needed to get to the point in this book. If I have to wait for the next book to fully comprehend what happened, it’s a pretty bad book.
Now, at this point, I would love to say something nice like, “Oh, but nonetheless, I felt this book was a home run,” but I can’t lie like that. Of course, If you do plan to read The Hunger Games series, you cannot skip ‘Catching Fire’ and go straight to ‘Mockingjay’ from ‘The Hunger Games’, because it won’t work. you won’t know how Peeta’s favorite color ties into the point in ‘Mockingjay’ where Peeta in restrained and Katniss goes to cry by herself.
My next installment will conclude my reviews of ‘The Hunger Games’. Then, I plan to share what Suzanne Collins could do to advance the series, just a little bit. And everybody loves Rick Riordan, right?

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