Saving Juliet

Earlier this month, author Suzanne Selfors came to visit my class. She’s the one that got me to begin this blog, as I have often dreamed of becoming an accomplished author. Anyways, Ms. Selfors has written “Smells Like Dog”, “Mad Love”, “Coffeehouse Angel”, and, of course, “Saving Juliet”. In “Saving Juliet”, Mimi Wallingford is a seventeen-year-old actress at her family’s theater. She dreams of becoming a doctor and having a life outside the Wallingford Theater, but her mother disagrees. Mimi is transported to Verona, Italy, 1594, after a heated argument with her mom, and so is actor/pop star Troy Summer. Troy and Mimi are trying to get home, but Mimi wants to save Romeo and Juliet from their awful fates.

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