The ’80s Weren’t Good to You People, Were They?

My mom’s friend (we refer to her as Aunt Charlene) texted me this last weekend, telling me she had a boxful of the Sweet Valley High books. Never heard of ’em. But her husband (one of the town’s judges) took them over to my house. Inside the box was about fifty of the series, a few missing here, a few missing there. Impressive, right? Not all of those books were impressive, though.
One title – “Karen Kepplewhite is the World’s Best Kisser.” Believe me, I’m grateful she dropped off the books. But “Karen Kepplewhite is the World’s Best Kisser”? So crazy. The word ‘jazzed’ was often used. It’s from 1983, something like that.
Another book – “Cute”. Wow, these books had lame titles. Which makes me think – I’m a 21st century girl. Born in the ’90s, I have no clue what possessed you people to think the way you did in the 1980s.
Mom tells me she wore blue eyeshadow. I’ve seen movies from the ’80s with guys wearing shorts no longer than modern girls love to wear. You spoke so weird, saying you were ‘totally jazzed’ and all of these lame lines. So, like I said –
The ’80s weren’t good to you people, were they?

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  1. If not for the 80s, there never would have been the 90s. If not for the 90s, you’d not be here now.

    And just think what your kids will say about your era!!

    Luv ya, luv!

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