The Stress That is High School and Markus Zusak

Let me start with apologizing for not posting in a while. I mean, I just started high school about a week after I posted about “The Sorcerer’s Stone” then I was moving away from the little town I had lived in for all of my 14 years and have been in a small city where I have now been in Junior High with 8th and 9th graders for a little over a month. Unfortunately for me, this Junior High School has about 2000 students. And my old town’s population was under 2000 total (1763 at the last census, I believe).
But one very good thing has come out of this move- “I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak.
About a week after I started school here, my English class was informed that we would do a “Hero’s Journey Workshop” in which we would choose from the selected books to read in three weeks. Everyone who chose that book would be in a group together to go over what we’ve read in one week.
I chose “I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak. It’s a great book. It takes place in a little town right outside Sydney, Australia. It starts with this guy, Ed Kennedy, and his best friends Marv, Ritchie and Audrey. They’re all in bank as it’s being held up. Marv goes on to Ed that he can’t afford a parking ticket because he’s in a fifteen-minute parking spot. Ed manages to get the gunman who’s robbing the bank to try Marv’s car as a getaway vehicle, which “has about a five percent chance of starting on the first go.” Gunman gets arrested. Happy-happy-joy-joy, right?
I think not.
Ed gets the Ace of Diamonds with 3 addresses and times written on it. Ed goes to these places and saves the day and all that. Then he gets the other Aces and delivers those messages. I would love to tell you the last two lines, which are probably my favorite lines ever, but they sort of spoil the book.
Don’t go looking at the back of the book, though. I usually do, but when I read this book, I didn’t because I didn’t need the extra push to finish it. Definitely one of the best books ever written. I loved it. And, even though it’s got the most common character thing at the current time (the main character being in love with his/her best friend), I thought it was great.
The characters are realistic; they swear and act like normal people. The plot is pretty simple; no wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. The setting is easy to relate to; the book was written in 2003, so you can sort of relate to it. And, of course, it’s just really well-written.
I’ll try my best to write more often. I’m reading a James Herriot book right now for outside of English class, so that review should be quite interesting.
[Ms Barden, you rock for using this book for a choice! I loved it, and I love your class. And, no, I’m not brown-nosing. It just seems that my English teachers are always the ones I connect to the most. You’re really cool, and I apologize for not telling you about the vocab thing earlier. 😦 Sorry.]

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  1. Hey! I’m so excited that 1) you’ve posted again because I love to read your blog and 2) that you’re reading James Herriot because (no lie!) as I write this comment, I am watching Young James Herriot (a drama telling the story of James Herriot’s early years as he starts veterinary school and learns his first lesson in veterinary medicine) on BBC. No, really, I am!!

    Oh, and the latest census was just released and the homeland’s population is now a booming 1,872. Really. Wowsa!!

    Keep reading; keep writing!

  2. I love your review, Felicity! Thanks for leaving me the link. It always makes me smile when students enjoy the required reading for an English class. I’m so glad you loved “The Messenger;” it’s also become one of my favorite books since I finished it.

    Two suggestions:

    1) Markus Zusak also wrote a book (which is much more famous than “The Messenger”) called “The Book Thief.” I’ve only started it. It’s set during the Holocaust and narrated by Death. It has an intriguing premise, but I could never stick with it. Maybe over midwinter break.

    2) I found a website called this summer. It’s like facebook/social networking for book lovers. You can add books you’re read and books you want to read, and get suggestion from other people. It’s pretty cool and might be something that could interest you.

    Thanks again for sharing your blog with me and see you tomorrow!

    Ms. Barden

    • Thanks Ms B! You should also read the other books I’ve posted about. You might like Suzanne Selfors’ books. I think she’s cool. And the David Clement-Davies books are amazing! Just one more day, then we’re off to break! See ya tomorrow. 🙂

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