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Struts & Frets

So, on Sunday, I went to the Library to print stuff. Mum made me get a book. Well, the teen section sucks. Stuff I’ve never heard of before, nothing that seemed friendly and opening. Then, there was a light green spine with the word ‘Frets’, and, being a guitar player, I immediately picked it up… And finished it last night around 8.
‘Struts & Frets’ by Jon Skovron is about a 17-year-old boy named Sammy Bojar who plays guitar in his very dysfunctional band, Tragedy of Wisdom. (In the very beginning, it explains that Sammy wishes it was ‘Tragedy of Reason’ because ‘Wisdom’ made no sense.) Anyway, the band is made up of skinny TJ, their drummer; Rick, the gay bassist; and Joe, the terrifying, ill-tempered frontman; and, as previously stated, Sammy, who plays guitar and writes songs for the band.
Early in the book, he realizes that his best friend, Jen5 (Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, and J had already been claimed by the four other Jennifers in their class) really likes him. Then they start dating. Tragedy of Wisdom enters a Battle of the Bands…
It’s difficult to explain without too many spoilers. Sorry. 🙂
Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. It really explains how difficult it is to keep together a band that doesn’t really even work well. But it was an amazing book, and I’d totally suggest it to anyone who likes music and explanations of reality. It’s great. I actually read it a ton, and now I’m reading it again, it was that good.