Meet Flik

Now, I am a young girl from the same homeland as Just Frances is from. But, after I’m done with high school, I plan to go to the University where crimson and cougars rule and dogs drool, then the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Just Frances ( as most of the world knows her, is the awesome aunt of mine that helped me create this blog. Mom ( or That Cook Girl, can help me out, too.

This blog was designed (created, whatever you want to call it) because of Mrs. Suzanne Selfors, author of ‘Mad Love’, ‘Smells Like Dog’, ‘Coffeehouse Angel’, and many others. She visited my school in April. My lovely 8th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts teacher, now post-lovely teacher as I am now a Freshman in High School, told our class that this was totally different from a few years ago. She has us read Kristine Franklin’s “Cuss” or “The Grape Thief”, the latter title available in hardback, “Cuss” in paperback, in the fall because it is basically about how our town was in the 1920s. A few years ago her class had a conference call with Kristine Franklin, telling her how wonderful the book was, et cetera, et cetera. But it was so much different when Selfors visited. Franklin had been in Minnesota during the call, us in the Pacific Time Zone. But Suzanne Selfors was actually in the room with us, telling us to start a blog to become a writer, how good you can get paid as an editor.

So, as I’ve said so many times before, thank you, Ms. Selfors, and let your books become as famous as Charles Dickens. Sorry, I watched Dr. Who episode 3 the night before this was typed. 🙂


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